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The Fastest and Most Affordable Internet for the Lakes Area!

Service availible in Detroit Lakes, Frazee, Lake Park, and surrounding areas.



      About Our Service:

          - No Phone Line Required

          - NOT Satellite Internet

          - No Bundling Required

          - Unlimited Data Usage!

          - Locally Owned and Operated

          - No Taxes or Hidden Fee's



About Us

  • We make Wireless Internet Simple, Convenient, and Secure.tower1
  • We enthusiastically respect and serve our community.
  • As locals, it is important for us to be reliable, flexible, and affordable.

We are currently using exciting technology to bring high speed internet to people who want an alternative to common DSL or cable. We believe WiFly Internet is your best choice for today's internet and connectivity needs.

Wireless networking is the future

WiFly Internet's goal is to provide a complete and convenient internet solution to everyone in the greater Lakes Area.

WiFly Internet's infrastructure provides the following benefits for ongoing and future development:

  • A diverse network of Point-to-Multipoint APs.
  • Highly stable, long range Point-to-Point Backhauls.
  • An affordable internet solution for remote communities.
  • The ability to spread out in any direction.

Keith & Merry Drews

Detroit Lakes

"After years of satellite Internet we switched to WiFly and truely love it"

Chris Tyge

Rural Detroit Lakes

"I've been a customer for 3 years and can't be happier! They spent the time to get to know my needs. They didn't want thousands of dollars like the cable company for installation"

Tyler Ullrich

Lake Park

"I saved a bundle by not bundling with the cable company. Service that I can count on, no more random outages. We finial have a choice in high speed internet in Lake Park!"

Technical Support Hours:
Monday – Fri. 9AM - 5:30PM

Billing and Sales Hours:
Monday – Fri.  9AM - 4:30PM

WiFly Internet Service, LLC
PO BOX 1007
Detroit Lake, MN 56502

Phone: 218-847-1111

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